Baker Associates was founded in 1986 in the heart of Boston under the leadership of Gary Baker. The company was formed with the intention of specializing in advanced and impaired markets. The guiding mission for our associates has always been to deliver the best service and top products to our agents and our clients.

Over the past 15 years, the company grew to be a $10 million agency. In 1998, the company assets were sold to Ascensus (headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah) and Gary became president of the Ascensus of New England, executive vice president of national operations for Ascensus, and was responsible for their advanced market development.

When Bisys purchased Ascensus in 2000, Gary launched his own company with offices in Arizona and Massachusetts. Today, we are known for our progressive and innovative approach to the brokerage market. We have teams of associates who specialize in impaired risks, jumbo cases, advanced markets such as estate and retirement planning, and business insurance including succession planning, executive compensation, and benefit planning. Our pride in handling difficult cases is summed up in our motto, "It can be done."

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